Anaphylaxis e-training

The local school where I will do my prac requires me to have completed anaphylaxis training before commencement in week 3. I thought I had this covered as I participated in an anaphylaxis traing program run by The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and NSW Health in Dec 2001, as part of an in service day. However, the Prac Co-ordinator informed me that this was not enough and that I had to complete  online Anaphylaxis training and print of my results so she can site them.

I visited the well set out site today and completed all the modules (only 1 incorrect!). YAY. While I would of rather have been working on my assignments or preparing lessons for prac I am glad I completed the training and refreshed my memory.

I believe it’s definitely something all parents and educators should do in case they are ever in a situation where they need to administer the adrenaline auto-injector and to be aware of the symptoms and signs of anaphylaxis.

The link to the site is below and I would encourage everyone especially my fellow students karen Willis, RObyn Crisp and Rachel Kindness  to jump on and have a go. It’s worth the time if you can help save a child’s life.

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