Enhancing learning through peer blogs

As I have previously shared a an educators blog which I found interesring and informative I was thrilled to see a fellows student, Rachel Kindness:http://rachelkindness.edublogs.org/2013/03/12/my-favourite-ec-blogs/#comment-30 had compiled her own list of her favourite blogs.

I scaled through them and was very impressed with how passionate these early childhood educators and blog authors are about educating young children and ensuring they are ready for the 21st Century.

I particularly liked the blog from a male educator addresses gender issues in early childhood environments.  He thoughts and ideas were so valid and should make many of us stop and reflect on why it is we choose to enter the field of early childhood. To inspire, to create, to help, to nurture. Males are just as capable as females and it would fantastic to see more young men entering the field once they have left school and gained the necessary cert III. My son is currently in Year 12 and has a friend that attends a Cert III in Children’s services course twice a week in order to gain employment in a centre once he completes his HSC. High Five I say!



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