Using technology and being able to integrate technology: there is a difference

As I’ve mentioned on several occassions , a requirement of this assignment (and as I’ve since learnt, is an important part of blogging) is to link to other bloggers and their relevenat posts and information. Hence I’ve been spending some time today reading through other students blogs and checking out new links and ideas. I am in awe of how amazing all of my peers blogs are. When reading the latest posting by Vicki Williams I was immediately hooked into an article regarding how as educators( well nearly!) we need to know the difference between being merely able to use technology in the classroom as in take photos, write programs, set up lessons on the whiteboard and how we can effectively integrate technology into the classroom so we are allowing our students the opportunities to build on their ICT skills, knowledge and capabiliies.I admit I really have to think about integrating ICTs into my lesson sequences. Though, my fingers are crossed for being more fluid with my ICT integration skills after prac.

Anyway, the link to the article is below and I’ve also added the link to Vicki Williams’ blog which is also another good read.